With the JUWEL EASY FIX all-season cold frame we extend your gardening season. Because due the innovative removable wall sheet and the fixed mosquito net you have a bed for the cold and warm season. The hollow chamber plate protects from the cold and the network against pests, driving rain and hail.

Benefits at a glance:

- Protects against frost and cold in the spring and fall
- Defense against pests (including screws) with the windows closed-toxicfree
- Heavy rain and hail in the summer can not harm your plants.
- Ideal ventilation and irrigation through the network
- Perfect as a small animal enclosure
- Walls made out of UV-resistant, heat-insulating hollow panels.
- Window with double use – hollow panels or network
- Easy-Fix fast assembly
- Weather-resistant aluminum frame on all sides (also below)
- stable connection to the raised bed, including sealing
- Secured against the window fan
- Rounded corner contact
- Window fixed in the open position – ideal planting and harvesting
- Wind secure ground anchorage (galvanized ground anchors included)

Easy Fix all-seasons cold frame
Dimensions: about. 126 x 58 x 40/30 cm
Art. Nr.: 20347