Odour-intensive organic waste in the kitchen and the daily trip to the green bin are a thing of the past! The new, sophisticated Bokashi kitchen compost bin "sensei" enables the simple, clean and odourless fermentation of organic waste and recycling as plant fertiliser in your own household. Jointly developed by JUWEL and the University of Microbiology, the unique Bokashi kitchen compost bin "sensei" convinces with its simple and hygienic operation - without any odour nuisance or dirty hands.

What to do with the daily fruit and vegetable waste? The Bokashi kitchen compost bin "sensei" is the ingenious solution. Up to 4 weeks without emptying for a 4-person household!


No dirty hands!

No smell!

In the space-saving Bokashi kitchen compost bin "sensei" it is possible to ferment the organic waste of a family of 4 without emptying for up to 4 weeks. The fermentation process produces a bio-liquid (compost tea) that can be conveniently removed regularly via the drain tap and is ideal for fertilising plants. The fermentation process is hygienic and odourless due to the built-in activated carbon filter. Due to the closed design, there is hardly any nuisance from flies and vegetable moths, because the composter works without releasing odours.

The Bokashi kitchen compost bin "sensei" is practical and easy to use

The organic waste is put into the kitchen composter every day. To this is added a measure of Bokashi fermentation aid, then the kitchen waste is compressed with the handle by the internal plunger. Your hands remain completely clean. Weekly, the bio-liquid - the so-called compost tea - can be drained and used as fertiliser (with water in a ratio of 1 to 30). After 3 to 4 weeks, the fermented solids are emptied from the hygienically removable inner container into the green bin or garden composter. Thus, the new Bokashi kitchen compost bin "sensei" by JUWEL offers the convenient and fully biological solution for the disposal of organic kitchen waste.

Bokashi kitchen compost bin "sensei"
Usable capacity: approx. 11 litres
Diameter 27 cm / Height 57 cm
2 years warranty
Art.No. 20200