Vertical Garden by JUWEL  is a new, flexible and highly functional system for the planting of balconies and terraces. The "vertical garden" is quick and simple and allows immediate cultivation of fresh herbs, leaf lettuce, crisp cherry tomatoes as well as of fragrant flowers or tempting strawberries.

Through the waterproof back panel, the three plant bowls and a tray are mounted at Vertical Garden basic element, that you can plant and everything  maintains clean. Vertical Garden from JUWEL can be fixed to the wall or is placed with the help of the pedestal. Through the pedestal, planting on both sides is possible. 

The continuous earth-space from the top to the bottom planter let´s also deep-rooted plants thrive perfectly, as they can grow by several shells. In addition, it makes an intelligent irrigation possible.

Excess irrigation water is collected in the removable drip tray at the bottom and can be used for a fresh irrigation. The grid used in the deepest plant tray, causes that the water is not contaminated by soil.

A "blossom imagination" there are no limits with Vertical Garden. With the flexible modular design, it allows you to realize your individual design requirements very easy. Juwel Vertical Garden can each be mounted side by side or staggered and looks beautiful in shape, modern design at balcony or terrace walls, but also on building facades in an appealing and attractive from.

You can choose between the titanium color in combination with lime, with saffron yellow or with titanium!

Juwel wins the reddot award 2014 with vertical garden

JUWEL Vertical Garden for indoor and outdoor!

Vertical Garden pedestal: To raise without wall attachment. Either unilaterally or bilaterally.