Planting, nursing and harvesting without bending over!

You can harvest up to three times more with the raised bed with thermo-windows!  The raised bed is made out of heat insulating, unrottable garden elements.  You will be delighted by the easy assembly without tools.  The complete set comes with 2 adjustable thermo-windows with windproof catches.  You can simply remove the thermo-windows during the warm season.

Extendible at will with the JUWEL garden elements

The advantages at a glance

- you will be able to harvest more
- made out of rounded heat-insulating, weather and frost resistant garden elements 
- incl 2 thermo-windows with windproof catches
- easy assembly
- Extendible at will

Dimensions: 130 x 60 cm, height 51 cm

Also available in the trendy color “basalt”!

Raised bed with thermo-windows “2in1”  20375 – terracotta  20575 – basalt