Enjoy fresh and healthy vegetables straight from your garden.
Sow at the right time and achieve the best Juwel Raised bed crop yields.

From February to May
Once it warms up and the frost fades, is the ideal time to sow pre-germinated potatoes. In early May, you can harvest fresh potatoes.

From May to August
From May you can sow baby lettuce, carrots, beans and peas. In August your carrots, peas and beans are ready to be harvest by you.

From August to November
The empty bed harvested now offers the ideal conditions to sow baby lettuce, arugula, spinach and field salat. From September  your plants can be harvested.


Depending on weather and geographical location, the planting and harvesting times can vary. Our data are based on our own experienced gardeners and many years of experience in the garden area.