The new Timber raised bed system combines the weather resistance and multiple expandability of the JUWEL building block system with a modern, high-quality wood look. The Timber raised bed consists of heat insulating elements and is made of environmentally friendly plastic (100% recyclable). By means of a plug-in connection, these are joined together to form a stable raised bed. In contrast to wood, there is no painting, no splinters and no rotting.

With the Timber complete set, the thermal bonnets supplied are heat-insulating and can be locked into various ventilation positions to keep out the wind or removed completely in summer. The length and height of the bed can be extended at a later date using elements available as accessories, and it can be extended in modules from the edge of the snail to the professional early bed. 

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Advantages at first sight:

- High thermal insulation through environmentally friendly foamed wall structure
- Guaranteed BPA and heavy metal free
- Extendable in length and height
- Extensive system accessories from year-round bedding system to auger edge
- Simple assembly due to plug-in system

The Timber raised bed is produced using the most environmentally friendly production method currently available. No environmentally harmful propellants are used.

1. Raised bed Timber Complete set

Dimensions: Length 130 cm x width 60 cm x height 52 cm ( incl. 2 thermal bonnets )
Filling capacity: approx. 240 litres
Art.Nr. 20474

2.  Raised bed Timber - Basic or extension set

Dimensions: length 130 cm x width 60 cm x height 20 cm
Assembly by 20 cm in height
Filling capacity: approx. 120 litres
Art.Nr. 20476


3.  Raised bed Timber - Set of four

Dimensions: length 130 cm x width 60 cm x height 80 cm
Filling capacity: approx. 480 litres
Art.Nr. 20470


4.  Raised bed Timber - Set of three

Dimensions: length 130 cm x width 60 cm x height 60 cm
Filling capacity: approx. 360 litres
Art.Nr. 20471


5.   Raised bed Timber Extension set

dimensions: length 60 cm, height 20 cm - 2 elements
Filling capacity: approx. + 60 litres
Art.Nr. 20477


6.  Raised bed Timber Ergoline

Dimensions: length 185 cm, width 125 cm, height 40 cm (U-shape)
Art.Nr. 20479


7.  Raised bed Timber Combi-set

Dimensions: length 130 cm, width 60 cm, height 90/100 cm
Art.Nr. 20478


8.  Timber Snail edges with corners

for 6 elements or 3.6 m edging
Art.Nr. 20448


Top brand Garden 2020: Greenhouses & plant breeding

In a statistically verified representative survey of thousands and thousands of readers of Bild-Zeitung, JUWEL was rated as the "Top Brand Garden 2020" with a maximum score of 5 points. The JUWEL Timber raised bed system achieved 5 points with a score of 96.2 percent among the top places and is the absolute winner in the design category.