The Raised bed is like a composter and donating the seedlings by the decay heat from below and continuous valuable nutrients. It is also grateful for the purchaser raw compost from your compost if you do not have immediate use for it. A Raised bed of size 1 has a volume of almost 400 liters, the Raised bed of size 2 of about 1,100 l!

Also waterlogging conditions of poor ground conditions is not an issue in the Raised bed, by the height too much moisture is drained effectively. Another important advantage of the Raised bed: Due to the high altitude construction, older people do not have to give up their garden fun. Everything can be done largely without stooping. 

Tip: Start by building your Raised bed in the fall: the first layer is already taking on a large amount of fall foliage, which is already slightly dilapidated to another filling in the spring.

The double-walled building blocks guarantee optimum heat insulation and excellent stability without extensive anchoring! The supplied straps take on earth pressure.