It starts to rain and the laundry is still outside? No problem for the TWIST 140 – just fold it and the clothes dryer fits easily through the doors. No need to take down the laundry.

The fold-up legs are ideal to arrange the clothes dryer into the bathtub – the non-skidding caps prevent from sliding.

Product advantages

- Non-corroding aluminium 
- Stable, weather resistant plastic parts (heavy metal free!)
- Size: 1-1,5 washing machine loads
- Storage size: 9x11x104 cm/0.3x0.36x3.4 ft (LxBxH)
- Guarantee: 5 years

Special features

- Transportable with laundry (fold up)
- Fold-up legs with non-skidding caps (for use in bathtub)
- Wall bracket included


- Aluminium silver
- UV resistant plastic parts in mint

Juwel Twist 140
Art.No. 30015