Comfortable home for toroises & co?

Ideal heat insulation and adjustable ventilation, reliable protection against attackers from above, provides shading at the same time, and a lockable swinging door to the outlet, makes a tortoise’s dreams come true.

Made out of highly transparent 8 mm strong UV stable twin walls with highest thermal insulation and stable as well as corrosion-resistant aluminium profiles. Makes the turtle home with a window with dual function unique:

The adjustable and removable thermo sliding windows are ideal for ventilation, the finely woven netting underneath, made out of high-strength polyester protects the animals from all attackers from above. The windows are made out of plexiglass with Alltop quality with highest UV-A and UV-B permeability for the optimal development of the shell.

The window can be opened single handedly and allows unrestricted access for nursing or feeding. The built-in swinging door can be locked if needed or clears the way to the outlet.

The tortoise home can be perfectly complemented with the JUWEL garden elements!

A) JUWEL tortoise home PAULA
Dimensions: approx. 100 x 75 x height 50/40 cm
Art.Nr. 20149
EAN-Code: 9001567201498

B) JUWEL extension for tortoise home PAULA – NEW
Without swinging door
Dimensions: approx. 100 x 76,5 cm, H. 52/44 cm
Art.Nr. 20147
EAN-Code: 9001567201474