The new composter Aeroplus 6000 stands next to its beautiful design due to its intelligent multi-chamber system that provides excellent compost in a short time without the laborious of converting. The Aeroplus 6000 has been developed in close collaboration with the University of microbiology in several years of  test series.

Special features:
Intelligent multi-chamber system - saves laborious shifting of the compost
Large filling and flaps - clip-on wind protection
Adjustable ventilation for summer / winter operation
Convenient compost removal by the chamber system
Rapid composting by controlled ventilation

- Harmoniously design for every garden (Busse Design)

How it works:
The conversion takes place in the composter. The mixing and aeration occurs during each turning of the chambers. After long research, JUWEL developed a multi-chamber system which allows a great amount of fresh composting at once. All stages of composting are separated – while Chamber A stores fresh material with lack of oxygen, Chamber B is perfectly supports the process of composting now adding oxygen. The largely composted material is conveyed through the damper C in the ripening chamber D with earth contact.

Composting in 3 phases

A) In the 1st stage food and garden waste is collected and mixed without oxygen (anaerobic) – this has proved to prevent from annoying insects like wasps and flies and to bring a greater mass of waste at one time to the 2nd stage by opening the discharge flap.

B) In the 2nd stage it is digested rapidly with adding oxygen and ventilation, generating heat up to 70 degrees (Celsius) and thereby destroying unwanted weeds. Here, the waste looses a lot of volume. This is why the 2nd stage takes approximately 3 times the volume of the first stage.

C) When the 2nd stage is filled it is hygienically moved to the 3rd stage by applying the outside crank. Simultaneously the compost gets once more mixed and aerated. (After about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on compost season and materials)

D) In the 3rd stage the digested and cooled down compost is maturing in intense contact with earth and the myriads of useful organisms therein. As new waste is separated from mature compost by the 3 chamber system and due to the turning bottom, the mature compost is not compressed. Discharging is clean and easy done through the two large discharge flaps at the opposite sides.

Aeroplus 6000
Size: 79x79x110 cm/2.59x2.59x3.6 ft
Capacity: appr. 600 l
Art.No. 20171