JUWEL – clever products for garden and home

Our slogan is not just a saying! Functionality, design and quality are essentials of all JUWEL products. We made it to our mission to produce high quality products, right in the middle of Tyrol, Austria. As our customer has highest priority, an easy assembling as well as simple handling are carefully considered during development. You will be surprised of the cleverness of our products!


The environment is our foundation of living. So it is up to us, to look after it. Therefore, we are concerned about an eco-friendly production as well as producing eco-friendly, long living products. Nonetheless we are aware of wear out. This is why each part of our products is available as spare part – for at least 10 years after purchase. No need to buy a whole new product – an exchange is easy to handle. Less waste means more sustainability! The whole factory is heated by recycling the warmth  from our plastic machines. All our compost bins are made of recyclable material, all our plastic parts are free from heavy metals and our cold frames do not contain any BPA. 

Besides that, our products support a healthy environment by only using them: 

  • saving electricity by using a rotary clothes dryer 
  • supporting regionality by growing your own spices and vegetables in raised beds and cold frames
  • helping to reduce garbage by recycling your own compost.

About us

JUWEL stands for clever products for home and garden. We have specialized in rotary clothes dryer, indoor dryers, compost bins, garden elements (raised beds), cold frames and various accessories of each category. 

Our products are produced in Imst, Tyrol – Austria and meet high quality standards. User friendliness, durability and hence customer satisfaction are essential to us. Our raised beds and cold frames can be extended at will, it is easy to adapt them to your needs. 

Another main standard is: safety first. All products have a safety check before being launched.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the use of house and gardening products and are open minded for ideas and suggestions.

Be part of it and let the quality speak for itself!